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Free Ziyad Yaghi

Posted by Mother Laila November 15, 2012

On a November Morning

I miss my son on a November morning
Where the sun rises a little late
Where the dark allies of our house
Were met with him smiling like a lit moon

I miss my son on a November afternoon
Where he used to come in and hug me
When he walked through the door
And on a November night
Where he used to sit by my side
Looking at me asking with his eyes
If I was O.K

On this November morning
And many hundred of mornings
You are kept
Secluded in your cell
Between four barren walls
Cement only around you
Not even a small rose to smell
Or a lit in a window cell
To see the sun when it rises

Across from you are corporations
Benefiting from your torture
People not far don't know you are there
Don't know how a mother cries
Her screams come out during the wee hours of the night
They don't know that an innocent young man's life
Is wasted for the greed
Of the one percenters

And the greed carries on
And a young man sits counting the seconds that pass by
In a cell as small as a bathroom
Where many Muslim men are kept

Repeated history of the past
Reincarnated images of oppressors
Like Hitler and Stalin seem to pass
Laws to torture the innocent

The gray hair that seemed to creep up on me
And wrinkles under my worried eyes
A heart that pumps with exhaustion
And nights interrupted with dreams
Of you in shackles and me screaming
For someone to take them off
I reach out to grab you but for some reason I can't

Waking up so many times at night
And worrying
Made my steps so heavy
Made my heart convulse with pain
Because your pain is my pain

A strand of hope keeps me alive
Waiting for that silhouette of yours
To walk through the door

© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©

If I were to walk barefooted over a bed of hot stones

Posted by Mother Laila Sep 8, 2012

Would you notice my grief?
Would you notice how every molecule in me has died
Except for one tear
That had escaped from my eye
Evaporated into a mist
That traveled across the oceans
Brought forth by a passing cloud
To be dropped into the Dead Sea
Causing every decaying fossil to come alive

If I were to walk barefooted across a bed of hot stones
Would you still ask me to laugh?
Would you dare to ask me to laugh
When my heart is in pain
When my blood that flows heavily
Through my veins

When my heart feels that it is stomped
And tossed between the hooves of cattle in a rodeo

And the sun rises and it's another day
And the sun sets and it's another day

Yet you still are away
Sitting alone in your cell
For Obama's political game

And the sun rises and it's another day
And the sun sets and it's another day

What have they gained from chaining my heart?
No one has learned from the lessons of the past

I grieve for my son tell every cell in me has fainted
Til every drop of blood in me has seeped
Into the earth
Mixing with stones that are slapped by the waves
Bleached by the sun's scorching rays

If I were to walk barefooted like a firewalker
Over a bed of hot stones
Maybe then one will notice
The pain that emanates from me
Maybe then one will free the oppressed
Maybe then mother's pains will be accounted for
Maybe then drones will stop dropping on innocent children
Maybe then the world will come to an end

© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©

How I suffer [ The Story of Mother Laila ]

Posted by Mother Laila Apr 11, 2012 21:36:39

Nobody knows how much this hurts!!!
No body knows that everyday I cannot sleep and if I do, it is only minutes and I am awakened by nightmares!!
Why would my own country do this to my son and I?
Why would they take an innocent young man and put him in jail?
I know that prosecutors and Judges need cases to make money but come on now!!
They don't have to go to this extent and fabricate things just to make money and cause innocent people so much grief!
Everyday I spend hours on the computer trying to find someone that might be able to help my son!
Every day I pray for hours that my son will be released soon and back in my arms!

Every day I pray for the truth to come out and for all the people who caused me this for them to wake up and have a conscious!

My son is in constant lock down in a room probably the size of your bathroom! Where is justice?
Where is humanity?
Where are the people with conscious?

My tears are stuck constantly in my throat and I try to suppress them especially when I am at work!
My life is on pause now because I cannot function properly!

This is barbaric!

Wake up people!
This is a war against the poor

© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©

  Poems for my son  


Posted by Mother Laila Sep 16, 2011 11:37:09

The sun shines on the same roof top year after year

And the moon that steals its light from the sun

Absorbs it with greed

Afar one can hear the waves slapping the shore



And the boy sits in his cell

Not hearing a sound

Not even the trees that sway in the wind

Not a drop of rain is felt on his head

Nor the sound of crickets when he lies in bed

Afar the ones who created the rules

Are playing with their children not caring a bit

A barbaric system that feeds on the poor

And innocent



I hurt ... I cry ... I lay motionless in bed

And the people on top

Don't care

Of the suffering of the innocent

As long as it is ... NOT THEM

© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©


Posted by Mother Laila May 05, 2011 20:26:16

Forsaken by my own country

No words can express

The disappointment

The PAIN ...


Of what has been done

To my beloved son

The cycle of my condensed tears

Has formed too many clouds

That saturated the moon

Cooled down the sun

And extinguished the flames of volcanoes

And the brightness of the stars

The reflection of my face on the clouds

The water that evaporated

From the sadness of my breath

Has surpassed the earth

Creating different galaxies

Forming shooting stars

That soon ...


Forsaken by my country I lie in bed


With heart aches

As a ship that is stuck

In the storms of the sea

Waves from each direction

Surround me

I reach out extending my hand

To find out ...


My tears then merge with the angry sea

Creating more waves

Crippling my survival

I crawl in bed

Forgetting that I am

The mother of a son

In jail


With my cries

Between the blankets that muzzle my screams

That my country FORSOOK ME

A Muslim American


In a so called democratic country

That treats all equal

Regardless of RACE, RELIGION or CREED

I believe in the brightness of the sun

I believe in the fullness of the moon

I believe in the Oneness of God

I believe in the innocence of my son

I Do Not Believe

In the justice of my country

That held

The creation of my womb

For years ...

In its ...


© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©

Sometimes I wish I had ...

Posted by Mother Laila Apr 11, 2011 00:17:11

Just like the night and its darkness

And the moon and its fullness

And the stars with their brightness

And the sun and the moon

When they dance over earth

Creating tides

That gush

Disturbing the turtles

And the flowers of the sea

Sometimes I wish I had supernatural powers

To snap my fingers and let you out

To put a smile on those sad eyes

And many many other eyes

Through the darkness of the night

that conceals the ghosts

and the faults of the many

I walk

And walk

With my hands over my ears

I try to silence

The cries of

The ones who are oppressed

Then I wish ... I had the powers

If I had them no one will ever cry

Joy will reach the horizon

Evilness will be deleted

Off of the face of earth

The minds of people will be cleansed


With the new water of life

I will move the world upside down

With the tip of my finger

My tears will create floods

My wings will be an ark

For the good to survive

And you I will make you climb

On the arch of my rainbow

I will play with you like

When you were a child

How you liked to bounce on my feet

Flinging you up in the air

Bouncing you on the tip of my toes

Holding you up high

Watching that smile that was painted

On your beautiful face

Beneath those big green eyes

© Copyright Laila Yaghi ©

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