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Free Ziyad Yaghi

Hear the voice of his mother, Laila Yaghi

Ziyad Yaghi, a teenager no more than 19 went to visit his family but the FBI decided to use this for their own gain and indicted my son and his friend with charges ...
after almost 3 years from coming back from overseas!
The charges are that they went overseas to kill people!
Ziyad was to go to College just before they arrested him!

All three defendants were convicted on Thursday October 13, 2011.

Though charged with conspiring to commit jihad overseas,
Omar Aly Hassan was found not guilty of that charge.
But he was convicted of providing material support to terrorists.
Yaghi and Sherifi were convicted on both counts
(Providing material support to terrorists and conspiring to commit jihad overseas).

Ziyad Yaghi: Sentenced to 31.5 years in prison
Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan: Sentenced to 15 years in prison

Lies and Deception
by Laila Yaghi [ 5 September 2012 ]
Dare to be a Muslim in America
by Laila Yaghi [ 27 January 2012 ]
I Want People to Understand
by Laila Yaghi [ 11 April 2012 ]
9 YouTube videos and 22 audios
Laila Yaghi
by Laila Yaghi

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Ziyad with child
 Ziyad & Mohammed
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"Raleigh Jihad Group" - Who Are They?
by Maahhi 'Mahen' M. Khan



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